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challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
sga_beya John/Teyla Prompt Battle: 1st - 16th September
unique_bond LJ community created.

Side by Side, They Both Get Bright by renisanz
Black On White by azure_horizon - PG-13
Black Dress, White Shirt. Black Suit, White Dawn - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, by azure_horizon - PG-13
Fly By Night by tielan - PG-13
Psyche's Candle by tielan - PG-13
World Of Grey by yappichick - PG
For Light Does The Darkness Most Fear - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 by wedjatqi
Lace And Combat Boots by doxymom - PG
The Astonishing Persistence Of Memory: Past Time by tielan - PG-13
The Experience Of Contrasts by wedjatqi - NC-17
The Bow Tie by Anuna61
The Naked Truth - Part 1, Part 2 by jeyla4ever

art, icons, graphics
drawn art: Hesitation by renisanz
John & Teyla: Black & White by spiritcoda
Just Us by ltcoljsheppard
icons by jeyla4ever
Wallpaper: Do You Dream of Me? by scifan1
banner by Hope24
So Alive by lady__vaako
So This Is Where You Are by jeyla4ever
banners by Hope24
Dreams by scifan1
More Than Friends Less Than Lovers by Hope24
Wallpaper by Asgard
Sig by Linda
icons by Donna Booth
In Times Of Comfort by scifan1
wallpaper and banners by stoicana
Slideshow by devinem27
Irresistable by heartofdance
Everything I Do by khourijackson
Always Watching You by khourijackson
Signature by Stargatehero
icons by jeyla4ever
Wallpaper by khourijackson
icons by jeyla4ever
icons by stoicana
Life by scifan1
wallpaper by FishyOne
Various works by Luciana
Various works by Luciana
Hard Times by khourijackson

Footprints by loveconquers14

tielan's Recs for the SGA Big Bang Challenge
Quotations for 4.01 - Adrift
Quotations for 4.02 - Lifeline
Quotations for 4.03 - Reunion
Quotations for 4.04 - Doppelganger
Quotations from 4.05 - Travellers - Part 1 and Part 2
Quotations for 4.06 - Tabula Rasa
Quotations for 4.07 - Missing
Quotations for 4.08 - The Seer
Quotations for 4.09 - Miller's Crossing
Quotations for 4.10 - This Mortal Coil
Quotations for 4.11 - Be All My Sins Remember'd
Quotations for 4.12 - Spoils Of War
Quotations for 4.13 - Quarantine
Quotations From 4.14 - Harmony
Quotations from 4.15 - Outcast
Quotations from 4.16 - Trio
Quotations from 4.17 - Midway
Quotations from 4.18 - Kindred I
Quotations from 4.19 - Kindred II
Quotations from 4.20 - The Last Man
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July 2008

July 2008

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices

John and Teyla Thing-A-Thon Masterlist

we do not remember days by allisnow - PG
This Mortal Coil by azure_horizon - M
Evidence of Existence by wildcat88 - PG
A Novel Idea by devinem27 - PG-13
You Have No Idea What You've Done by everybetty - R
With Great Power by greenconverses - PG-13
Some People Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet by - live_brave - PG
The Fine Art Of Diplomacy by kriadydragon - PG
Without Sight Or Sound by kristen999 - PG
Four Things Greater Than All Things Are by live_brave - G
A Child's Insight by ltcoljsheppard - PG
Analogue by vipersweb - NC-17
Long Way Home by muccamukk - PG
Football Baby by neptune47 - G
Maze by pentapus - PG
Parallax by renisanz - G
Broken? by roguish_angel - PG
'That Time Of Night' - Part 1 & Part Two " by ruby_caspar - M
2 wallpapers by sheppard4lily - G
Chaff And Grain by tassosss - PG
Elephants In Vancouver by pentapus - G
Learning Curve by mahoni - PG
'Spaces Of Belonging by tielan - PG
It's Worthwhile by vipersweb - PG
The Middle Son by wedjatqi - K
Helping Hands by wildcat88 - PG
A Conspiracy Of Cartographers by mahoni - PG-13
Dinner Plans by yappichick - K+
The Runner's Tale by madjm - PG
Romancing Teyla by sjhw_tolerance - NC-17
The Road Less Travelled by tielan - PG-13
A Brief Glimpse by wedjatqi - PG-13
a fanfic by nath_42 - PG-13
Encounters with John Sheppard - Part 4, Part 5, by wedjatqi - R
Suited by azure_horizon - PG
And In The Darkness Bind Them - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4, Part 5 by wedjatqi - PG-13
The Death Of Hope by wedjatqi - PG-13

art, icons, graphics
Wild Wild West by ileliberte
two wallpapers by ubiquitous_girl
iconses by saeva
shoulda woulda coulda by raplaplacp
'Teacup Ride' and 'No Heart?' by liviapenn
two wallpapers (with variations) by quiet_elle
Good And Bad by jeyla4ever
John/Teyla icons from "Search and Rescue" by nicole9514
John/Teyla manip by lady__vaako

Bursting Through by tli

meta, recs, other
tielan's John&Teyla Thing-A-Thon recs
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June 2008 post

I apologise for the big break between newsletter postings. It's been a busy few months for me and then somewhat disappointing with the show being cancelled. I will return to doing this once a month - hopefully we'll be seeing things happen around here from all kinds of people!

June 2008

site announcements
Unique Bond is updated with caps

Guiding Light by madjm - PG
Crossing Over by tielan - PG-13
Life - Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 by wedjatqi - R
Phantoms Fading by azure_horizon - G
Missing The Unknown by azure_horizon - PG
Daddy by wedjatqi - G
Feelings by wedjatqi - PG-13
Search And Rescue by azure_horizon - PG
Protect by azure_horizon - PG
Enticing Reflections by wedjatqi - NC-17
Damn Freud by wedjatqi - PG-13_h
Tales From A Brewery Floor by azureorizon - PG
Secret by azureorizon - PG

art, icons, graphics
2 Wallpapers & several variations by quiet_elle
Wallpapers, Banners, Sigs, Icons by jeyla4ever
banners, icons by jeyla4ever
Lifeline wallpaper by silverspec
Reunion wallpaper by silverspec
banners, icons by jeyla4ever
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Sunday 8th June, 2008

Sunday 8th June, 2008
Relatively little to report, given that it's been three weeks since I updated.

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
stagesoflove is taking sign-ups

Partnership by tielan - PG-13
Fluid Moments by azure_horizon - PG
Breathing Through Death by azure_horizon - PG
Four Ways To Use The Sun by azure_horizon - G
Condemned by jeyla4ever - PG13
Varies by yappichick - PG
Surrender by azure_horizon - PG
The Other Side by azure_horizon - PG
Light Your Path - Part 1 by azure_horizon - PG
His Own Kind Of Freedom by tielan - PG-13
Defeat by wedjatqi - PG-13
Departure by wedjatqi - PG-13
The Return by wedjatqi - PG-13
What Is Lost And What Is Found - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 by wedjatqi - PG-13
Life - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 by wedjatqi - R
Words by wedjatqi - PG-13

art, icons, graphics
John and Teyla Collages by hope24

Coming Out Of The Rain by hope24
For The First Time by hope24
AVG - maria 3
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Sunday, 18th May, 2008

Sunday, 18th May, 2008
Yes, I know it's been a while since I did this and I apologise for the lapse. It's been a busy month.

On the plus side, there's plenty of stuff!

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
100 Kisses Masterlist by jeyla4ever
The Winners of the JT Awards are announced!
Stargate Fan Awards 2007 Winners are announced!

Change by azure_horizon - PG-13 (also Teyla/Kanaan)
Goodbye, Hello by yappichick - G
Kiss #72: It Begins With A Single Moment by ltcoljsheppard
Shock by azure_horizon - PG-13
Forces Of Nature by jeyla4ever
Kiss #87: One Kiss Is Not Enough by evita1976de - PG
Kiss #100: Homecomings by tielan - PG-13
Indomitable: Happenstance by azure_horizon - PG-13 (also Teyla/Kanaan)
Indomitable: Torpid by azure_horizon - PG-13 (also John/Nancy, Teyla/Kanaan)
It's You by azure_horizon - PG-13
Indomitable: Abjure by azure_horizon - PG-13 (also Teyla/Kanaan)
Denial by azure_horizon - PG-13
Shock by azure_horizon - PG-13
Spoiled by azure_horizon - PG-13
Love by azure_horizon - PG-13
Jocose by azure_horizon - PG-13
Determination by azure_horizon - PG-13
Walk The Path Beside Me by agriope23 - NC-17
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous by greenconverses - PG-13
Of Ghosts, Quests and Magic Fingers by azure_horizon - PG-13
Tainted Survival - Part 8 by azure_horizon - PG-13
Five Ways John Confesses His Feelings For Teyla: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 by azure_horizon - PG-13
The Atlantis Olympics - Part 8, Part 9 by wedjatqi - PG-13
Commiseration by wedjatqi - PG-13
Stupid Cupid: Unrelenting Venting by thayne_m - PG-13
Dream A Little Dream Of Me by thayne_m - PG-13
In The Heart Of Winter - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 by wedjatqi - PG-13
A Life Uncommon by thayne_m - PG-13
The Journal: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 by thayne_m - PG-13
Cheats: Part 2 by raplaplacp - R

art, icons, graphics
Kiss #65 by maffieg
Fanart: Season 4 and others by jeyla4ever
Fanart: Teyla Drawing by Mayra
Fanart: 100 John and Teyla Kissing Challenge #66-69, Sigs, and other Icons by Wraithlord
Kiss #70 by scifan1
Wallpaper: Strength by scifan1
Fanart: Season 4 Doopleganger/Wall etc... by jeyla4ever
Birthday Art by to_elephantgirl
Animated Sig by to_elephantgirl
Kiss #71 by scifan1
Kiss #73: Consume Me by scifan1
Kiss #76 by scifan1
Drawing: Banner Of The Crossed Staves by tielan
Kiss #77 & #78 by scifan1
Kiss #79 by Cazzblades
JT Family by jeyla4ever
Kisses #82-#84: 'All my Love', 'Daring Moment' and 'Kissed'
Kiss #85: At Play by Hope24
'Chronicles of John and Teyla', 'Fight for Love', 'Heart Hears', 'Promise' by maffieg
Kiss #86: Capture the moment by scifan1
Kisses #88 & #89: 'JT-Kiss' and 'Atlantis Heart'
Kiss #90: John and Teyla by Mayra
Kiss #91 by scifan1
Kisses #92 and #93: 'The Day', 'Our Kiss'
Kiss #94: The Last Kiss Goodbye by jeyla4ever
Kisses #95 and #96 by Hope24
Kisses #97-99 by tielan
11 John and/or Teyla icons by harmonie15

pic fic: The Power Of Whump by yappichick
Hunger Pains by yappichick
SG - JT1
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Monday, 14th April, 2008

Monday, 14th April, 2008

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
jt_awards are voting until 11:59pm on Sunday, 20th April (Pacific Time).
sga_beya Alphabet Challenge: the letter 'A'.
sga_beya Alphabet Challenge: the letter 'B'.

Tormented by azure_horizon - PG-13
Brilliant Disguise by doxymom - PG-13
Little Moments, Outright by tielan - R
Taking Rest From Desert Wanderings by tielan - PG-13
Reavings by tielan - PG-13
Who He Is When Teyla's Looking by tielan - PG-13
Ancient Sounds And Floating Images by noveltea - PG-13
Weak Spot by rolleson - PG-13
The Journal by thayne_m - PG-13
Jealous by azure_horizon - PG-13
The Cutting Edge by greenconverses - PG-13
The Atlantis Olympics - Part 6, Part 7 by wedjatqi - R
Encounters with John Sheppard - Part 2 by wedjatqi - R
Comfort by wedjatqi - PG-13
Rhythm by wedjatqi - NC-17
Cheats - Part 1 by raplaplacp - PG-13
Understanding Part 1, Epilogue by obsessed1o1 - PG-13
Blame by obsessed1o1 - PG-13

art, icons, graphics
52 icons by saeva
'Adrift' Wallpapers by silverspec
ABC challenge: A is for Atonement by maffieg
Season 4 Reunion Walls/Banners/Icons/Sigs by jeyla4ever
ABC challenge: A is for Action by jeyla4ever
Kisses Challenge: #64: The Sweetest Seduction by maffieg
Kisses Challenge: #59-63 - icons by scifan1
Kisses Challenge: #58 - More Than Friends by yappichick
Kisses Challenge: #57 - Lust by padme18
Kisses Challenge: #44-56 by various people
Two Manips by devinem27
John and Teyla - Marvel Universe AU by tielan

The Long Goodbye clip put up by bellalarina

Observation/query/debate on John/Teyla in Season Four by tielan

Pic Fic: The Hair (TM) by yappichick - G
Pic Fic: The Bachelor Party by yappichick - G
SG - JT starfall
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Friday 28th March, 2008

Friday 28th March, 2008

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
Nominations for the John/Teyla awards (jt_awards) will close on Friday, 28th March at midnight! Hurry up and get your nominations in!

The Atlantis Olympics - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 by wedjatqi - R
Tainted Survival, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 - by azure_horizon - PG-13 [also contains Teyla/Kanaan, Shep/Weir]
Needs OfThe Body And Soul - Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 by wedjatqi - R
Participant by tielan - PG-13
Persephone Longs For Home by tielan - PG-13
Creatures From The Pink Lagoon by tielan - PG-13
Want by azure_horizon - R
Discovery by wedjatqi - PG-13
Knowledgeable Content by azure_horizon - PG
Sacrifice by wedjatqi - PG-13
Encounters With John Sheppard - Part 1 by wedjatqi - PG-13
Falling Vigil by azure_horizon - G
Open Your Mind by thayne_m - PG-13
Indomitable: Denial, Indomitable: Warmth by azure_horizon - G [also features Teyla/Kanaan]
Beneath The Surface by purple_cube - PG
Open Your Eyes by thayne_m - PG
Nothing Like A Few Convulsions To Make A Man Commit by thayne_m - PG
Auction Block by greenconverses - PG-13
Five Ficlets by ionaonie [also Ronon/Keller and Teyla/Lorne]
Supposed To Be by azure_horizon - PG
It's You by azure_horizon - PG
My Damsel by greenconverses - PG

art, icons, graphics
Sheppard/Teyla icons by to_elephantgirl
18 SGA icons by greenconverses and sister.
Fanart: some random artwork by jeyla4ever
Kiss #43 by jeyla4ever
Wallpapers and icons by to_elephantgirl
SG - JT2
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Saturday, 8th March, 2008

Saturday, 8th March, 2008
Good Lord, y'all have been busy this week! And hopefully there'll be a few more things happening in the coming weeks of the hiatus. Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled and your fingers busily typing/creating stuff! With Season Five on the horizon, there's always hope yet!

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
- The John/Teyla awards (jt_awards) have started nominations. Nominations will close on Friday, 21st March
- sga_beya has a John/Teyla Kiss Icontest until Thursday, 13th March.
- Fakeout Makeout Commentfic Fest! over at siegeofangels' LJ over the weekend.
- sgabigbang has a poll set up for people who are interested in writing long John/Teyla (as well as other het pairings) fics. If you're interested in writing a novella for John/Teyla, please answer the poll!
- sg_rarepairings are still looking for prompts for their Fic Battle!
- The Society For the Proliferation And Defense Of Fluff spdf_weekly are holding their First Annual Stargate Awards.
- The sga_kink_awards are also taking nominations.
- team_sga would still love people to sign-up for their 'Team Teyla' AU ficathon

Focus by tielan - NC-17
No Fairytale by tielan - G
Heist by azure_horizon - R
The Choice by little_profiler - G
Diaphanous by azure_horizon - G
Belonging To Night by azure_horizon - G
Feint by tielan - G
Snapshots by yappichick - PG-13
A Faint Distraction by ltcoljsheppard - PG
Of Mist, Home, and Popcorn by azure_horizon - G
Six Days by azure_horizon - R
Shatter by azure_horizon - G
Tainted Survival: Prologue by azure_horizon - G (also Sheppard/Weir, Teyla/Kanaan)
O, How Bitter A Thing by greenconverses - PG-13
Promises Of Return by azure_horizon - R
Reflections On Return by azure_horizon - R
Hands by azure_horizon - G
Orchestra by azure_horizon - G
Needs Of The Body And Soul - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 by wedjatqi - R
It's You by azure_horizon - G
The Atlantis Olympics by wedjatqi - R
Tears And Rain by azure_horizon - G
Five Ways #3 by azure_horizon - G

art, icons, graphics
36 John and/or Teyla Icons by harmonie15
Recent graphicswork by to_elephantgirl
12 Icons & 4 Banners

Finding Hope by loveconquers14

meta and other things
Season Four relationships and character thoughts by tielan
General ramblings of one excited by the prospect of a dirty, confused Sheppard by azure_horizon
Fic Recs by tielan
John/Teyla Valentine's Day Card at tielan's LJ, but made by sholio.

4.20 - The Last Man
Review by tray_lord
Review by darth_corrie
SG - JT hero
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Saturday, 1st March, 2008

SG - JT starfall
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Thursday 21st February, 2008

Thursday 21st February, 2008

Apologies for the silence, folks - I've been in China for the last few weeks. This'll be a big edition - lots to read and look at!

challenges, ficathons, and other fandom notices
1. jt_awards is running their banner contest for the 2008 John/Teyla Awards. Nominations for the site banner close on the 21st Feb.
2. teylafen is having a Teyla-centric Love-Fest .
3. sga_beya is holding a 100 Kisses Challenge .
4. sga_beya was also hosting a Valentine's Day Challenge

Spoils Of War: Aspects Of Teyla by tielan

A Ball Brings You Back To Me by quiet_elle - G
Kissing A Fool by amidalashari - PG-13
Home Truth by madjm - PG
Breathe For Me by agriope23 - PG
That First Kiss by agriope23 - PG
100 Kiss Challenge #18 All the Miles That Separate
The Subtle Kiss That No One Sees by Gater101 - PG
As Cute as Apple Pie by Teylafan - PG
Bittersweet by Fox66 - PG
Just Dessert by Fox66 - PG
The Dichotomy Of The Stolen Kiss by Gater101 - PG
Soaked by Teylafan - PG
Talking Dirty to Teyla by ltcoljsheppard - R
Ways And No Ways by tielan - R
When He Touches Her by ltcoljsheppard - PG-13
Eurydice Fading by tielan - PG-13
Take The Heat by tielan - PG-13
Reassembling by wojelah - G
Discomfort Zones by tielan - PG-13
Staying Out Of The Kitchen by tielan - PG-13
Everybody Needs Good Neighbours by tielan - PG-13

art, icons, graphics
20 John/Teyla icons by nicole9514
JT Kiss # 20 by silverspec
JT True Love by silverspec
Kiss #17 Fanart by Cazzblade
The Look before the Kiss by to_elephantgirl
Target Practice / The Perfect Pillow by Cazzblade
An Evening of Slow Dancing by to_elephantgirl
Late V-day Challenge Art by maffieg
One of a Kind Love by scifan1
Sleepless in Atlantis, Chocolate and Strawberries by to_elephantgirl
One Morning Of Sleeping In by to_elephantgirl
Kiss #14 by Cazzblade
Bed & Breakfast by to_elephantgirl
A Stolen Kiss by to_elephantgirl
Kiss #12 by to_elephantgirl
#8 Kiss, #9 Kiss by scifan1
Scent of a Woman by to_elephantgirl
A Stranger Within by maffieg
Come What May by maffieg
Hide and Seek by to_elephantgirl
Kiss by scifan1
Kiss #4 by to_elephantgirl
Stolen Kiss by jeyla4ever
When You Look At Me by to_elephantgirl
Someday I'll Fly Away by jeyla4ever
When You Look At Me by scifan1
Bond by scifan1
Rachel Luttrell Birthday Gifts by scifan1
Indomitable by jeyla4ever
Teyla Calendar/Walls/Sigs/Icon/Banners by jeyla4ever
Teyla and John/Teyla icons by tielan